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IBS FRANK SOMMER is specialized in aeration technology for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment.

Fine bubble aeration products for wastewater treatment

IBS FRANK SOMMER Co. provides a wide range of high quality aeration products, replacement membranes and adapters for many diffuser manufacturers to both corporate customers and end-users.

High quality tube diffuser and diffuser membranes

Our high quality EPDM and SILICONE tube diffuser membrane sleeves are made in Germany. The sleeve material is optimized for wastewater aeration in intermediate operation and proven over many years in hundreds of plants. Our precise micro perforation ensures highest oxygen transfer and efficiency.

Our high quality supporting tubes are made of environmental friendly PP!

Tube diffuser components and spare parts

We are also supporting our corporate customers with standard and custom made OEM aeration products, accessories and services, such as standard and non-standard diffuser tubes, connectors, saddles, adaptors, clamps, and many more.

Solutions and Engineering 

Our aim is to offer inovative and inexpensive solutions and products for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

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Dipl.-Ing. (TU) Frank Sommer
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