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Tube Diffuser Systems

IBS FRANK SOMMER Co. provide a wide range of high quality aeration products, replacement membranes and adapters for many diffuser manufacturers to both, corporate customers and end-users.

All our EPDM and Silicone diffuser membranes sleeves are Made in Germany.

IBS SOMMER Tube Diffuser

High Quality tube diffusers for fine-bubbling aeration suitable for permanent and intermittent operation in biological waste water treatment.
  • High Quality EPDM & silicone tube diffusers
  • Different membrane sleeves materials available.
  • High resistance against the biochemical substances of waste water.
  • Pre-mounted membranes on PP-diffuser-bodies, 63 mm diameter, each with 2 stainless steel clamps.
  • Outer diameter 63 mm (90 mm diameters on request) 
  • Standard length 500 mm, 750 mm and 1000 mm (other length on request)
  • Custom designed PP diffuser tubes are possible
  • High oxygen transfer due to fine bubble aeration
  • Energy saving due to intermittent aeration and high oxygen input
  • Low maintenance due to perfect design and long lifetime
  • No clogging due to valve effect and flexibility of membrane
  • No corrosion as designed in plastic or stainless steel
  • Long lifetime due to high quality materials
  • Spare parts (tube diffusers, seals, connectors, stainless steel hose clamps, valves, saddles, pipes in stainless steel and plastic, etc.)
  • Replacement tube membranes and spare parts for self-installation at many lengths and diameters


  • Municipal waste water treatment plants
  • Industrial waste water treatment plants
  • Fish farming
  • Drinking water aeration
  • Aeration of rivers and lakes

Membrane Sleeve Materials

Depending on the application, the wastewater and the preferences of the customer we offering high quality diffuser tube membranes made of EPDM and silicone.

IBS SOMMER diffuser membranes belong to the most advanced membranes for fine bubble aeration in the world:

  • TDM-EPDM-LP is a high quality EPDM membrane suitable for intermittent operation. The EPDM mixture is optimized for municipal and industrial waste water treatment. The content of plasticizer is only 12 % which prevents early indurations and guarantees long lifetime. The high elastomer content guarantees excellent chemical resistance to the biochemical substances in municipal and industrial waste water.
  • TDM-SILIC-S is a high quality silicone membrane suitable for intermittent operation. The Membrane is developed for industrial wastewater treatment plants and municipal wastewater plants with mainly industrial wastewater. Silicone mixtures are free of plasticizer and guarantee excellent chemical resistance to the biochemical substances in municipal and industrial waste water.
  • Other diffuser membrane materials are available on special request!

Tube Diffuser Installation

The square air distribution pipe is made of stainless steel and has two holes ( 40 mm or 45 mm) at opposite sides. The tube diffuser will be screwed from both sides on the stainless steel connector till the connection are tight.


For more details please refer to our mounting and maintenance instructions!

Adapter and saddles for round stainless steel
and round PVC air pipes are also available. For round PVC air distribution pipes and basins with high water flows we suggest to fix the diffuser tubes at the open end with our diffuser tube end-fixing caps at the floor.

Tube Diffuser working principle

The air flows through air distribution pipe and connector into the interspace of supporting tube and the membrane, which is sealed on both ends by clamps.
The membrane expands by the air pressure, the micro-perforation opens ,and the air will be released into the water.

When the air is shut off, the membrane will pull together, the micro-perforation closes that no water can enter the air distribution system.

Services for Aeration projects

  • Consulting
  • Concepts
  • Design
  • Training

IBS SOMMER pdf-brochures related to fine bubble aeration:

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